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My question to Essex County Council Extraordinary meeting on the closure or downgrading of 74 libraries

Good Morning Please do not close or downgrade the Essex libraries My question is in regard to the sections of the population most disadvantaged by the planned closure of the libraries. In your own document you show that children and people over 65 are the ones who will be disproportionately affected by the closures and […]

More books about dragons and transformers! Thanks for being here, Library! Ollie (5)

Wivenhoe library and librarians are under threat and Wivenhoe is rallying to the rescue! I have used some of the local wishes from the ‘Wish Tree’ in this article. (First published for WivSoc). Essex County Council have put forward a plan to downgrade or close all of the 74 libraries across Essex. Every library has […]

Saving Wivenhoe Library and Librarians   Petition Notes from Meeting Tuesday 27th November in Wivenhoe Library, open to all. Wivenhoe library and librarians are under grave threat as part of the money-saving drive by Essex County Council to close 29, offer 19 the chance to make them volunteer–run, keep 15 the same, and call the remaining 15 hubs, but […]

These are my pledges, Residents will be my guide.  The Manifesto is my plan of action!

These are my pledges, Residents will be my guide.  The Manifesto is my plan of action! If elected as the parliamentary candidate for Colchester, I will: Campaign for all, especially the low waged, the unemployed, the homeless and poorly housed. Champion policy to give women the means to participate in society, politics and work by […]

Colchester Borough Council is setting up three Commercial Companies

The reorganisation of Colchester Borough Council (CBC) is an example of a major change, which is happening without a lot of public interest, about which I have some doubts and which I believe needs careful governance and a close eye. There is such a lot of new and interesting thinking here, but the great challenge […]