Rosalind’s Pledges to Colchester

If elected as the parliamentary candidate for Colchester, I will:

  • Campaign for all, especially the low waged, the unemployed, the homeless and poorly housed.

  • Champion policy to give women the means to participate in society, politics and work by campaigning for better childcare, flexible working and services and against domestic violence, rape and harassment.

  • Improve access and inclusion for disabled people in Colchester.
  • Represent older people by developing strong welfare and inclusion policies locally.
  • Campaign for the interests of the LGBTQ community in Colchester and beyond.
  • Continue to campaign for social justice towards refugees and other BME groups in Colchester.
  • Be a loud voice for the marginalised, helping others to break through the fear and passivity of local conservatism.

Rosalind’s Pledges to Wivenhoe

I am here to build community and make sure everyone feels they belong.

Road maintenance, buses and traffic management are local issues.  I will bring them back to Colchester Borough Council.  We will take back control of our air.

We are recycling more and I will work with local businesses to make Wivenhoe Plastic free.

I will work with all parties to keep Wivenhoe’s independent character and protect our environment.

Colchester is a Borough of Sanctuary. I will continue to support our kindness and humanity to welcome those needing a safe home, a safe haven.

Rosalind’s Pledges – National

There is a lot at stake in this election – including the future of our NHS, Education, Social Care – all have suffered under Tory “austerity” affecting ordinary people’s lives while the wealthiest just keep getting richer.

I do not believe in ”austerity” excuses for cuts and cruelty. We are the sixth richest nation in the world and we do not want to leave our money in the pockets of the rich – we will spend it on making life better for everyone.

In support of her determination to secure a better start in life and a fairer and more inclusive society for all, Rosalind is making the following pledges.

1. Securing our future with Europe 

The best way to the European Union, but keep partnership, financial stability, and human and workers’ rights is to remove Bernard Jenkin, arch enemy of what we have gained in Europe.

2. Social Care and Education available to all

Rosalind has worked in schools as a teacher and school leader, in partnership with family support agencies, and in local government. She knows what barriers there are for children and families and has spent her life working to break them down.

3. Defending the NHS

Rosalind will stand up for a health service that gives staff the support they need to do the best for their patients. She pledges to address the drop in nursing morale and recruitment – nurses and other hospital staff need proper pay and better conditions.

4. Labour Can Win

Labour came second last time. With your vote we can fight the Conservative cuts. Rosalind is the candidate of the left and centre.

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