Thank you, published in May after the recent election

Thank you to all who voted for me in the recent local election.  I am pleased and proud to have served as your Colchester Borough councillor for four years.

As a local politician I have always felt it important to keep reflecting on changes, to keep on talking while they emerge, and to monitor and steer them.  Holding on to my values – including the importance of social rights, workers’ rights and maintaining public services accessible to all – much thought went into putting policy into practice without compromising too far.

There has been more than enough written about the dilemma between providing homes and protecting the environment, the Garden Communities proposals.  Wivenhoe Liberal Democrats vowed to, ‘knock the Colchester Local Plan back to the drawing board’, and this chimed with the majority of voters.  We will know more in June, when the government inspector’s report comes out.  In all circumstances, the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan and a Colchester Local Plan are policies which must guide decisions for the next 14 years to provide for the needs of all residents.  I believe it is important to keep on talking and listening even when you have doubts about the eventual outcome.

I wish you all the very best for the future and I hope to keep in touch.  I have been involved in such a wide variety of activities during that time and I will not be giving up on them, so Wivenhoe has not lost me and I have not left the caring community of Wivenhoe.